Association of Translation Companies of Slovakia - ATCSK

The Association of Translation Companies of Slovakia (ATCSK) is a professional organisation that integrates providers of translation and interpretation services. The Association has been founded in Nitra in 2006.

The task of the Association is:
a) to unite translation companies, promote interaction and cooperation of these companies, and support promotion thereof in the Slovak Republic;
b) to increase the professional level of translation services in Slovakia by active impact upon both the professional and the lay public
c) to cooperate with professional organisations covering translators, as well as with educational institutions with the aim to increase the level of translators in Slovakia;
d) to jointly act against the customers violating the contractual business terms;
e) to jointly act against the providers not complying with the valid directives for the providers of translation services;
Articles of the ATCSK 3/18
f) to represent and advocate the interests of its members in external relationships towards state bodies and other social organisations
g) to represent the providers of translation services in Slovakia in international professional organisations and to enforce their interests in these organisations;
h) to support exchange internships of young translators and interpreters, to organise training courses for the beginners in the field, refresher courses and other related activities, and thus to improve and support the general and technical know-how, and concurrently to increase the quality of firms, companies and persons in the field of translation and interpretation;
i) to carry out market survey in view of the availability of translation and interpretation literature, dictionaries and support material, to co-participate in improvement and creation thereof, to compile the obtained know-how and other information on all the issues concerning the field of translation, to provide them to its members, and to evaluate them in terms of statistics;
j) to be helpful in settlement of disputes between individual members of the Association via the court of arbitration;
k) to promote and support application of the principles of professional acting in business practice, to form a standard of honest acting within the profession with the aim to move and adopt such decrees that shall be indispensable or suitable in the future in the interest of the profession, business practice, professional acting of the members, and to enforce adoption thereof and compliance therewith;
l) to recommend the consumers using the services of the members of the Association, to explain them the benefits of these services, and thus to protect the consumers' interests.

In 2007 ATCSK became a member of European Union of Association of Translation Companies. More info .


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